radio 1 session in wales

May 9th 2002 - The Radio 1 Session in Wales broadcast three pieces by SpongeBrain recorded especially for the programme. These were new versions of "x people" and "heliocentra" from the original CD, and a new piece "sunbathing thing" recorded especially for the show. The session was recorded live with Sharon Perry (vocal treatments and sampler) and Sandy Britain (alto and soprano saxophone).

x people

X People - the "Jazz Mystery Version" performed with vocals from Sharon Perry, saxophones from Sandy Britain, and E-bow from Phil Beauvoir.


Heliocentra - the "Highly Excited Party Version" featuring hooping, hollering and saxophone from Sandy Britain.


Sunbathing Thing - the "Hawaiian Version". Smooth and calming for those hot balmy days by the beach. Phil is on Hawaiian guitar and shirt.